Check-in a group. Know who's missing.

expedites the check-in process for Hash House Harrier running events & alerts you when participants are lost on trail.

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What's next?

On May 5, 2011, I revealed this project to the worldwide hashing community as a first step in a long journey. This project is for hashers, by a hasher and because of hashing. I want you to join me in this adventure.

Over the next several months, I want to develop this project and premiere it during October's InterAmericas Hash 2011 in Savannah, Georgia. To do this, I need your support. Talk about it to your Mismanagement. Spread the word to cousin kennels.

Let me know your thoughts over Twitter or email.

On On,
Untouched Private Panther
(Chris Basham)
Blooming Fools HHH

Why ?

Three times per month, a group of runners known as the Blooming Fools Hash House Harriers navigate a 3–5 mile trail of flour laid throughout Bloomington, Indiana’s diverse rural, forested and urban landscapes. Since summer 2010, the group more than doubled, now averaging 45 participants per event, making it increasingly difficult to manage and keep everyone safe without disrupting the core enjoyability of the event.

This project has been actively used (and graciously tested) by Blooming Fools HHH since March 2011. By the end of the year, it'll launch for kennels worldwide.